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Sales and rentals of houses, villas, apartments and cottages in Valdera - PuntoIT Real Estate Agency

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The ESTATE AGENCY Punto it Immobiliare s.a.s., is not a simply estate agency. Only in its gender, it borns in June 2001 on initiative of the Surveyor Stefano Marinari “Technical Adviser of the Society”, who groups together a TEAM of young Professionals with different experiences and careers. Everyone of them works in Estate Field: the ARCHITECT designer, the SURVEYOR Technical Adviser, the INTERIOR DESIGNER, the FINANCIAL ADVISER Investments/Financiaments, the chief MASON, the PLUMBER, the ELECTRICIAN, etc.

Everyone is directed by the ESTATE AGENT, the LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SOCIETY, Geom. Mirco SARPERI, who, in particular, menages the commercial aspect.

Thanks to the union and the collaboration of the TEAM we are able to give punctual and specific informations about economic, technical, urban and legal aspects about the buying and selling of a building, its costruction and renovation. Therefore your estate investment will be simple and trustworthy.

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