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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookie is a little text file, saved on your hard drive by a web server. Its aim is to let your navigation smooth and “tailored”.

Why do we use cookies?

To save your preferences, comfort cookies (for example, once you type your access information on a login form, we will not ask you to type them again).
To protect your data
To ensure a better web-surfing experience
To have detailed statistics about visits on our site


"Technical" required cookies
These are required for the correct functionality of the website. Without these cookies, a limitation of website functionalities and access to contents may occur. These cookies usually track the occurrence of authentication for a visitor or site administrator.

"Technical" functionality cookies
These cookies save user choices and preferences to ensure a better navigation (e.g. language, auto-fill a form compiled before). This kind of cookies may include personal information (for example a user name). Without these cookies, some functionalities and navigation among pages may be compromised.

Cookies di performance
Si tratta di cookies utilizzati per capire: se gli utenti sono nuovi oppure di ritorno, come utilizzano il sito, come si muovono tra le pagine, quanto tempo rimangono sulle pagine e sul sito, da che area geografica sono giunti sul sito. I dati non identificano l'utente come persona ma vengono aggregati in modo anonimo da parte degli strumenti di analisi. La disattivazione non compromette in alcun modo le funzionalità offerte dal sito.

Performance cookies
A website may send these cookies in order to know whether users are first-time visitors or not, how they use the site, how they move among pages, how much time they spend on pages, where (geographical area) they come from. These data do not personally identify the visitor;however, analysis tools aggregate them anonymously.

Advertising cookies
This website DOES NOT use this kind of cookies. These cookies are installed to show user preferences related content. Websites using these cookiesmay send user targeted-advertising. This kind of cookies works in collaboration with third parties and may keep track of past navigation on different websites/domains. This kind of cookies usually keep track of the IP address of the user, as well as other information, some of which may be personal.

Which cookies do we use?

Technical cookies
Cookies used to generate anonymous statistics and to integrate Google services.

Google maps
Some pages of this web site embed some maps provided by Google Maps. When you visit a page containing maps by Google Maps, or you click to view or enlarge it, you might download some cookies from Google.

For more information, visit Google policy page about embedded maps.
Location of data treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

How can you handle cookies?

You may have one or more browsers installed on your device. Every major browser allow you to define cookie settings (enable, disable, delete…). Disabling or suppressing cookies may prevent access to some parts of a website.
Managing cookies depends on your browser, we provide a link to a help page for every major browser to learn how to handle cookies:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
For mobile devices:
Windows phone

Which is the legal framework?

With the modification of article 5, paragraph 3, of EU directive 2002/58/CE and adoption of EU directive 2009/136/CE, the European legislator established the principle: user consent is needed before archiving information about user’s material or accessing information already stored, unless these actions are strictly required by an Information Society to issue a service, explicitly requested by the user or subscriber.